Simplifying Access Management in the Cloud with AWS SSO

Unlock the power of seamless access control in AWS with our comprehensive guide. Managing permissions has never been easier:

1️⃣ AssumeRole: Effortlessly access roles within your AWS account or across multiple accounts, simplifying permission management.

2️⃣ AssumeRoleWithSAML: Securely obtain credentials for users authenticated through SAML, a trusted industry standard.

3️⃣ AssumeRoleWithWebIdentity: For users logging in via an IdP like Amazon Cognito, Google, or Facebook, we recommend Cognito for a frictionless experience.

4️⃣ GetSessionToken: Enhance security with Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) for users or AWS account root users.

5️⃣ GetFederationToken: Perfect for proxy apps, this grants temporary credentials to federated users, ideal for distributed apps within corporate networks.

Identity Federation in AWS: Extend user permissions beyond AWS without the need for complex IAM User management. Explore use cases for organizations with their identity systems (e.g., Active Directory) or web/mobile apps requiring AWS resource access.

We offer a variety of Identity Federation options, including:

🗝️ SAML 2.0: Seamlessly integrate with popular IdPs like ADFS and Microsoft Active Directory, granting access to the AWS Console, CLI, or API with temporary credentials.

🌐 Custom Identity Broker: When your IdP isn’t SAML-compatible, our custom broker handles authentication, requests AWS credentials, and dynamically manages IAM roles.

Discover more about SAML-based AWS federation:

🔗 Using SAML-based federation for API access to AWS
🔗 Overview of configuring SAML 2.0-based federation
🔗 Overview of the role to allow SAML-federated access to your AWS resources
🔗 Uniquely identifying users in SAML-based federation

Simplify and fortify your access management with AWS Identity Federation. Unleash the full potential of your AWS resources!

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