The AWS Certification Roadmap

🚀 Looking to boost your career in the cloud computing industry? Amazon Web Services (AWS) certifications can open doors to lucrative opportunities and demonstrate your expertise in the AWS cloud ecosystem. But with a variety of certifications available, where should you start? This AWS certification roadmap will guide you through the process of choosing the right certifications for your career goals.

💡 Why AWS Cloud Certification is Important?

Being AWS certified shows that you have the most industry-centric knowledge validated by the world leader in the Cloud Computing stream. AWS certifications assist IT workers in developing technical skills and learning the best practices for building and deploying cloud-based applications. A cloud certification will demonstrate that you are well-trained, giving you confidence in your talents. It may lead to you working on a variety of firm projects. Furthermore, because cloud certification is globally recognized, it is quite easy to apply for jobs anywhere in the world.

📊 Gartner’s Infrastructure & Platform Services Magic Quadrant

According to Gartner, Amazon’s cloud is currently 10 times bigger than its next 14 competitors, combined. This clearly shows that more and more organizations are opting for AWS, which directly indicates that more career opportunities are coming your way if you are AWS-certified.

🛣️ AWS Certifications Path 2023

Let’s start with a 30,000-foot view of the big picture: AWS currently offers 12 certifications, including six core certifications and six specialty certificates. Basically, AWS organizes its core certificates into three parts: starting with Foundational, and then you can advance to Associate and Professional certifications.

🤔 How to Get AWS Certified – AWS Cloud Certification Hierarchy

What experience do you need? These are the maximum time-asked questions that I’ll try and answer for you. Each and every person comes from different starting points so the answers to the above questions will depend on your current skills and experience and what your career objectives are.

🎯 Types of AWS Cloud Certifications Based on Job Role

AWS, for now, provides six core certifications and five specialty certifications. All these AWS certifications are grouped into 4 main paths based on job roles – Foundational, Architect, Operations, and Developer.

Ready to take your cloud career to the next level? Explore AWS certifications and unlock new possibilities.

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